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Looking back, it's astounding how much those simple text messages meant to me.When I headed to college in 2001, AIM was practically a requirement. And since cellphones weren't nearly as ubiquitous back then, it was simply easier to get in touch with people over AIM.I got on AIM in 2008, when I came to the US for a semester of college.It was my first taste of true independence, having spent all my life under the roof (and watchful eyes) of my parents.And aside from the away message, there just isn't really a better example of something that neatly and concisely depicts the often mortifying process of navigating through your teens.Maybe the senior yearbook quote, which was away message-level bad in my case.And let's not forget the remarkably uninspiring quotes that I felt meant something at the time.The away message really captured who we were at the time or at least who we wanted to be, neither of which was great in most cases.

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For a certain generation, which most of the Engadget staff happens to be a part of, it defined their youth.People moved on, and so did I., my first anime obsessions.I also went through several different screennames during the '90s, as my family hopped between free trials on America Online, Prodigy and countless other early internet services.Those of us who experience high school and college in a world before Twitter, Facebook and, yes, Gmail, Instant Messenger was how we kept up with friends after class and well into the night.We made friends from across the globe, and a few of us even found love.

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